Why Upper Cervical

When it comes to your spinal health, there is no guess work.  This is why, at OC Upper Cervical, we use the most specific & effective chiropractic technique – developed by Dr. William Blair.   The best part is that there is absolutely no cracking or twisting of your neck, ever.  Any adjustment done on you is done with precision and control and is based on your particular anatomy and misalignment.  This significantly improves results and reduces the amount of treatment needed.

We are as different on the inside as we are on the outside. On the outside, our right hand is similar to our left, but not identical. Our right leg is similar to our left, but not identical.  If you look up and down your body on your right side, starting at the eyes, and ending at the toes and compare them to your left side, you’ll find that you are, in fact, very similar but absolutely not identical.  If you were, you would be perfectly symmetrical – a perfect lengthwise mirror image of yourself.  Look around you and try to find things that are perfectly symmetrical.  What do you find?  The only symmetrical objects you can find are manmade – designed by a machine.  Everything else is asymmetrical.  This includes the outside of your body as well as the inside of your body.   Whether it’s the shape of your shoulder joint on your right versus left or the different parts of your neck bones.

brain stem

Your neck bones, called cervical vertebrae, each have a distinct shape on the right and left sides designed to align with the vertebra above and the vertebra below.  These joints are similar on the right and left but they are not identical.

The Blair Specific Upper Cervical technique is based on this fact.  Dr. William Blair developed his upper cervical technique because of his concern over asymmetry and his research showed that the majority of neck bones are not symmetrical.  Since every person will have differently shaped joints, every person needs a slightly different type of correction – similar but not identical.  And that makes a big difference when it comes to your spinal health.

The goal of the Blair-specific chiropractic  is to analyze your specific anatomy so that the correction is specifically tailored to you.  Without any guessing. 

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