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Upper Cervical Orange County

Your first visit will include a consultation, examination and precise Blair x-rays of the neck. The 3D x-rays allow the doctor to analyze how your neck vertebra have misaligned and develop a precise upper cervical correction customized to your neck. The goal is for your neck correction to hold as long as possible as that will allow you to see results quickly and heal as fast as possible. On subsequent visits you may or may not need an upper cervical correction (adjustment). At OC Upper Cervical, we are able to determine when a correction is needed by performing various objective tests.


dr gershfeldStep One

A consultation and brief examination is conducted to understand the history of your problem and confirm the source of discomfort.




3 ThermographyStep Two

OBJECTIVE TESTS – These are tests that help the doctor determine two things. If you need an adjustment or not and at what vertebral level the adjustment needs to be made.

Digital thermography  –  All Blair upper cervical offices use heat reading instruments. This heat scan of the neck area is one of the objective tests that are utilized at OC Upper Cervical to determine whether you need an adjustment or not.

Leg checks –  The leg checks are used in conjunction with the heat scan, allowing the doctor to know when an adjustment is needed.


Step Three


At OC Upper Cervical, we use the most advanced, precise, and safe imaging available today – the Cone Beam CT scan.
The scan is completed within minutes and allows the doctor to instantly view and analyze your case with you watching.

The analysis of this scan calculates a precise, customized adjustment that will impact the whole spine.


6 Adjustment 2Step Four


The precision adjustment on a customized drop table is the hallmark of the Blair Upper Cervical Technique practiced at OC Upper Cervical.   It is performed at specific angles and specific positioning based on YOUR internal anatomy.   There is NO cracking or twisting of the neck or spine in the Blair Technique and it is completely painless.


Step Five


After your adjustment, you will go to the resting area to lay down for about 15-20 minutes.  This gives your neck muscles time to relax to continue the process of healing.   Resting after the adjustment also helps your body hold the adjustment longer.


Since each individual has a unique history and imbalance, follow-up care will be discussed on the visit following the initial adjustment. This specific, gentle approach has helped numerous people with various conditions. At OC Upper Cervical we do not treat a specific disease or condition. By restoring proper body balance, the body itself minimizes or heals the disease or condition.

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