Pinched Nerve Treatment

Treating a Pinched Nerve

People who have suffered the pain of a pinched nerve know the importance of feeling relieved. A pinched nerve is often referred to as subluxation by chiropractors. It is a term used to define a misalignment of the spine. As a result of the misalignment, pressure and stress are caused by nerves that lead to pain. Pinched nerves can be caused even with minor misalignment. The longer the misalignment has been going on, the more important it is to fix it.  Often times the pain can be severe, even with minor misalignment.  Since the upper neck bones cannot self-correct, the problem can persist.

Causes of Pinched Nervexray of inflamed neck

There are two causes of neck pain and each can be treated through specific upper cervical adjustments. This includes mechanical neck pain, and disc problems.

Mechanical Neck Pain

The mechanical neck pain is generated from muscle, joint capsules, ligaments, and tendons. It is a common problem that results in neck pain and stiffness. In some cases, a lot of tissues are injured that cause pain.

A good example of mechanical pain is from the facet joint. Facets are situated on the back of the neck about 1 inch from each side of the midline. When a facet joint is injured, pain may be localized or referred pain at a distance from a neck injury. Referred pain depends on the spinal level of the cervical spine that is involved.

Cervical Disc Problem

In the cervical disc, tears can develop that can herniate through the outer part. It causes pinched nerve root as it exits the spine. Cervical nerve root irritation can regularly refer pain down the arm and into the hand. Sometimes, the nucleus of the disc herniates straight backward. It can compress the spinal cord and form symptoms in the legs. For such a case, the patient might need to see a spine surgeon.  An upper cervical chiropractor is trained to detect when this happens and can make the proper referral in that case.

The nerve pressure may be caused by repetition of a specific body motion or staying in a position for a long period. Other causes of a pinched nerve are:

  • Degeneration of disc- degeneration of spine because of age or other reasons.
  • Bony growths- bony growths in your neck as a result of arthritis and degenerative disc disease. Sometimes these are called “osteophytes”

It can lead to conditions like:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.

If the pinched nerve is not treated and it lasts for long periods. The protective barrier around the nerve may break down. Fluid can build up which may cause:

  • Extra pressure
  • Scarring
  • Swelling.

Symptoms of Pinched Nerves

When a nerve is compressed, pain may be the only symptom. Sometimes there may be other symptoms as well.  Some common symptoms of pinched nerves are:

  • Numbness or tingling
  • Weakness
  • Burning sensation
  • Pain in the region of nerve compression like neck or lower back
  • Radiating pain like radicular pain
  • Pins and needles sensation.

How Can Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a different approach to health care. It is an advanced technique for correcting misalignment of the entire spine.  The concept of upper cervical chiropractic is related to the brainstem which comes out of the head to the two bones at the top of the neck. These two bones are known as the atlas and axis.

Moreover, the brainstem acts as a switchboard operator. It manages all the messages of the body and brain. In case these bones get even slightly out of alignment, it can interfere with the messages between the brain and body.

Treatment for Pinched Nerve in Orange County

The treatment of pinched nerve depends on the severity and cause of the compression. Some people can get great benefits by just resting the injured area. But for some people, pain is severe and an evaluation is necessary. With the help of upper cervical chiropractic in Orange County, a wide range of neck pain problems can be treated. It is considered as the first line treatment for many conditions relating to the upper neck.

Chiropractic care has been shown to be the most effective for pinched nerves. The reason is that it specifically focus on spinal misalignment and compressed nerves. With the help of upper cervical chiropractic care, the misalignment which is the main cause, can be removed. It is useful in correcting any misalignment of the spine. Finding and nudging the region where the spinal bones are not moving properly will ease pinched nerves. This leads to pressuring being released from the nerve. Alignment eradicates the interference in the nerve allowing the body to heal.

If it is found and treated early, it may relieve the pain quickly. In some severe cases, the damage cannot be reversed caused by the pinched nerve. But treating it relieves pain and other symptoms.

Some other common treatments of a pinched nerve are:

Steroid Injections

The steroid injections help in reducing the swelling and allows inflamed nerves to recover.


A splint limits the movement while letting the muscles to rest for short period of time.


They are useful in reducing pain for the brief time period.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps in stretching and strengthening the muscles.

Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Drugs like aspirin, naproxen or ibuprofen assists in reducing swelling.

Why Choose Orange County Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Our methods and techniques are effective and do not include twisting or cracking of the neck. The doctors here have a designed procedure to follow. The doctors first diagnose the nature and extent of the spinal misalignment. With the help of thermography, the doctors check the disruption to the nervous system function. Afterward, they determine how long the spinal injury has been present and how it can be corrected. The doctors at Orange County Upper Cervical Chiropractic are highly trained and specialized in the upper cervical process. We are dedicated to helping the patients who suffer from various diseases like a pinched nerve, headaches, migraines, neck pain and more.

Overall, if your body sends you warning signals like pain, don’t ignore it. It might result in temporary or long-lasting problems. Pinched nerve brings a patient to the Orange County Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Our doctors ensure the treatment is properly done so the patient does not keep coming back for decades with the same problem.