Migraine Headache Relief with Upper Cervical Chiropractic

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At OC Upper Cervical, we hear from a lot of patients seeking headache and migraine relief in Fullerton. In many of these cases, patients don’t realize how badly headaches can disrupt their daily lives until the pain becomes overwhelming and they lose the ability to function at their best.

For example, in July of 2010, Ben Affleck was famously forced to pull out of a charity poker tournament in Las Vegas due to a migraine headache. The award winning actor and director has reportedly struggled with migraines for years, and like many other people suffering with migraines, has missed out on life events due to the debilitating effects that regular headache pain causes.

The good news is that with upper cervical chiropractic care, patients suffering from migraines frequently experience a 90-95% success rate in completely eliminating their headaches. The other 5-10% of patients report at least a reduction in the intensity and frequency of these headaches and a drastic improvement on their quality of life.

As an upper cervical chiropractor in Fullerton, one of the most important parts of the work that I do is safely and gently addressing the underlying cause of headaches. Although there are several issues that may cause people to suffer from migraines, one of the most common reasons headache patients come to our office is physical trauma from car accidents, falls, or injuries.

In these instances, the tissue that holds the spine in place is often torn or loosens. This creates a weakness, and over time the spine begins to breakdown and cause significant pain. It usually begins in the Atlas vertebrae, located at the top of the spine where the skull and the spine come together, and one of the body’s most vulnerable areas.

This misaligned upper neck area creates pressure on the brain stem and veins, which builds up and often leads to headaches. This irritation of the brain stem is also a major factor in the nausea and light sensitivity that frequently appear with migraine headaches. For a majority of our patients seeking headache relief in Fullerton, we use the Blair Upper Cervical Technique to painlessly adjust the spine and effectively relieve the pain and pressure of migraines.

These migraine relief strategies have been demonstrated to be safe and very effective. Indeed, a recent clinical study showed that after a test subject received an upper cervical correction, a follow-up test demonstrated positive changes in blood flow from the jugular veins that leave the brain. At the end of thirty days, the subject enjoyed complete relief from migraine headaches, and continued to show improvement of blood flow in the upper neck area over the 16-week study period.

Are you missing out on the joys in your life because of the effects of migraine headaches? Unfortunately, simply trying to keep symptoms “under control” with medications may eventually lead to other even more serious problems. If you’re ready to finally find the cause of your migraines and eliminate them from your life, then upper cervical chiropractic care may be an excellent option for you.

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