How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Heal and Maximize Overall Health

What is chiropractic?

Before I dive into what chiropractic is, I want to share with you what the role of a professional health care provider is when a patient comes to them with a problem. Patients often tell me that they believe the goal of a doctor should be to heal them or to cure them of their condition. However, I don’t see things that way. I believe that your body is what heals you, not a doctor. Your body is an amazing machine that managed to grow from 1 cell to over 30 trillion without very much outside interference. That same body also has the capability to cure you of almost any affliction, if given the right conditions to heal. Yes, you read that correctly—your body can heal itself, and most likely already has multiple times.

For example, let’s think about a simple scrape on your knee you had once as a kid from falling off your bike or tripping on the playground. If the scrape is minor it will heal easily on its own. It may Image of doctor holding anatomical spine in medical officebleed and hurt a little while it’s healing, but if you clean your knee and stop scraping it your body will eventually heal on its own. On the other hand, if you keep scraping your knee and don’t keep the original wound clean, there will be dirt and bacteria present on your skin and in the wound itself. These are not the correct conditions for healing, and that scrape will take a lot longer to fade away, and may even get worse. Of course, your body will try its best to overcome the undesirable healing conditions, but it will be an uphill battle.

Instead of just waiting for the scrape to heal naturally, let’s say you went to a doctor. We know if you keep scraping your knee, it won’t matter how many bandages or stitches the doctor gives you. At that point, what a doctor should do is remove the cause of the problem, instead of just cover up the symptoms. Again, as with any health condition, if the doctor or patient doesn’t remove the cause, the issue will keep returning or get even worse.  In your doctor’s office the nurse or doctor would sterilize the wound on your knee and instruct you to stop aggravating the cut and keep it clean. This will eliminate the cause of the problem and set up the proper conditions for your body to heal.

This brings us back to our original query; what is chiropractic? These concepts of healing are what chiropractic care is based on— finding the cause and removing any interference, letting your body do what it does best.  As an established chiropractor in Fullerton, my job is to remove nervous system interference in the body’s most susceptible area; your spinal cord. The spinal cord is essentially your lifeline because it is how your brain communicates with your body. All the signals from the brain going out to the body go through the spinal cord, and vice versa. Finding the interference in this area is crucial to adjusting the spine properly and preserving the health of the nervous system.

There’s an old medical saying that goes “If you can’t find it, you can’t fix it.” This is absolutely true when it comes to misalignment, especially in the neck area, which is what Upper Cervical Chiropractic is all about. Since every nerve going from your brain to your body and vice versa has to travel through your neck, it’s important to keep that area free of interference by locating and correcting any misalignment.

When considering which Fullerton Chiropractor to hire, it’s important to consider the steps that will be taken to help you heal and prevent any further issues. At Orange County Upper Cervical, we use the most specific and effective chiropractic technique- the Blair method, which is tailored to your specific internal anatomy. We utilize precise 3-D X-rays and digital thermography to help locate misalignments in the vertebrae of the neck, as well as a painless adjustment process with NO cracking or twisting—ever. This ensures that our patients are treated specifically for their personal spine health, providing faster results and preventing further misalignments for as long as possible.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Fullerton to help you find relief from neck pain or misalignment, Orange County Upper Cervical is here to help! We also serve patients from Anaheim, Brea, and all of Orange County. Call our office for an appointment today at (714) 986-9767.

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