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“I came to Dr. Gershfeld because I had sharp lower back and hip pain that would flare up unexpectedly, making it difficult for me to walk and participate in my normal activities.  Before Dr. Gershfeld, other doctors told me it was simply a pulled muscle and that I would have to wait it out, or that I needed anti-inflammatory medication.  So far, and after only three visits with him, the pain that I was constantly worried about has all but disappeared.  The times it does come back, the pain has gradually reduced each time, and now I know what to do when if it does –  I make an appointment with Dr. Gershfeld for a check-up and he fits me in.  Thanks to Dr. Gershfeld, I am living pain free and its such a liberating feeling!!  I can go back to being active and not worry that I’ll have a flare-up.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

-Hanna B, CA


“Dear Dr. Gershfeld,   I just wanted to provide you a testimonial about how incredible it has been working with you. You have shown me a whole new way to understand how to eat healthier and to feel better. I especially like the way you have made me understand how my relationship with food needed to be changed and how after learning from you that I am able to understand the triggers that cause my over-eating and over-indulging in the wrong foods.   Your advice has been amazingly helpful and I am excited to see how I can keep improving and changing my life for the better!  Thank you!!”

-Valle C, CA


“Dr. Nathan Gershfeld is passionate about his patients health. His knowledge of nutritional research information and his chiropractic expertise in Blair techniques helps to address multiple chronic health problems that often relegate patients to life of medications, chronic pains, constant visits to doctors and emergency rooms . Anyone who wants to take control of their health in their own hands owes it to themselves to explore what he has to offer. This can change your life.”

-MG, Fullerton, CA


“Dr. Gershfeld was recommended to me by a health coach I’d been speaking with and going to see him has made such a positive difference in my overall wellbeing! I have been battling a food addiction for over two and a half years. Even though I had the knowledge of what the food was doing to my body and how the right foods could heal it, I still could not stop compulsively eating junk foods. By using chiropractic techniques, some psychology, and a caring personality, Dr. Gershfeld was able to help me get my health back on track. I noticed an immediate difference after the very first session! It is now my turn to recommend him to anyone who wants to truly regain their health for good.”

-AT, Palm Springs, CA


“I wanted to thank you for the help you have provided me. I can’t believe how much you have improved my overall health by teaching me so much about how to eat better and how to control my bad eating habits.  By going on your plan, not only have I been able to lose weight, but I just feel so much better!   I used to have headaches, gastro-intestinal pains, and a lack of energy.  But now, with my new way of eating and understanding my bad habits better, I have been able to improve the way I view food and how eating the right foods can make me live better and longer!! So thank you again! I know with your continued guidance, I will be in better shape than I have been in years!”

-OT, Yorba Linda, CA


“After my local medical professionals failed to diagnose the source of a chronic ear pain, I decided to try the healthy healing approach at True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, as an alternative to the conventional pain medications that were offered to address my condition.  There I received not only a clearer diagnosis as to the probable cause of the ear ache, but also a comprehensive treatment plan, which included a Blair Technique treatment performed by Dr. Gershfeld.  After Dr. Gershfeld performed his first (of two) treatments, I almost immediately felt some relief to the ear pain.  This relief to an ear ache that has plagued me for years has, in itself, more than justified my visit to the True North Heath Center.”

– Christine M.


“I experienced Dr. Gershfeld to be that special combination of extremely skilled and also beautifully personable.  He has a compassionate, kind manner, and also takes the time needed to educate and answer questions.   He is a confident healer, and it was a privilege to be in his care.  I am also glad that my mother’s first experience with chiropractic care was with Dr. Gershfeld.  His gentle and effective technique helped her have a very positive experience.  Thank you, Dr. Gershfeld!”
– Kim J.


“Dr. Gershfeld is a sensitive and skilled practitioner. He explained each step of the chiropractic adjustment thoroughly and guided me gently through the process. After only one adjustment–which was brief and completely painless–I experienced lasting relief from long-standing pain and stiffness in my middle and lower back. I would definitely return to him and would refer others to him without reservation.”

– KH, Sebastopol, CA


“Yesterday I woke up with a sharp pain on the tip of my right shoulder. I could not lift my arm. The pain was unbearable. I immediately went to see Dr. Nathan and he did an adjustment of my atlas. At first, the pain did not go away and I barely made it through my Bikram yoga practice. All night I had a throbbing pain, but when I woke up this morning, the pain was gone!! My shoulder felt so much better as if a miracle has happened. I can work, I can think, and I’m ready to take on the world bc there is no more pain!! Thank you, Dr. Nathan! You have an amazing technique and I love that you are my chiropractor!!”

Lola G – Fullerton, CA


“I met Dr. Nathan Gershfeld at the True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, CA back in 2012. He was instrumental in helping me control my high blood pressure through dietary and lifestyle modifications. He recently moved his practice down to Yorba Linda, CA. About two months ago I started having trouble with numbness and tingling in my right arm, shoulder, hand, and fingers. I tried everything at first: ergonomic modifications at my workplace, yoga classes, exercise and swimming, massage therapy, purchase of a new mattress, personal psychological reflection. Most of these helped tremendously to alleviate my discomfort. However, I decided to consult with Dr. Gershfeld to make sure that something else other than a pinched nerve was not the root cause of the issue. I promptly received a CBCT Scan imaging from a company employing a mobile unit that performed the procedure at my work location. In a couple of days I was able to visit Dr. Gershfeld at his office in YL. He patiently and thoroughly explained to me the problem, showing me a 3D image of my cervical vertebrae and skull. I have an osteophyte (bone spur) on my C5 vertebra. I am currently seeing Dr. G at this time, resolving my issue with a series of visits that include an alignment assessment and gentle cervical readjustments if necessary. My condition has greatly improved since I started my visits with Dr. G. He is personable, professional, and dedicated to helping his patients achieve optimum health and well being.”

John B, Long Beach, CA


“Dr. Nathan is a wonderful chiropractor and what I call a TRUE healthcare provider. He is thorough, compassionate and ready to help his patients in all lifestyle choices to help his patients have the best health possible. That’s what he did for me and that’s what he does for all of his patients……and I am a chiropractor. i am blessed to have found him. Thank you Dr. Nathan!”

Kelli G, Whittier, CA


“Several years ago  I met Dr. Gershfeld at the True North Clinic in Santa Rosa, California. I was suffering from severe, chronic neck pain, arm pain and numbness in both my arms and hands. I explained my problems to him and he confidently stated that his technique could help me. He was professional, compassionate and genuinely concerned about my problems. He explained how upper cervical chiropractic techniques work and how correct cervical spinal alignment was crucial to recovery.

Dr. G.  knows his field, because now my neck pain is much less, my arm pain is gone, and my arm and hand numbness have also greatly lessened. This was a remarkable improvement for me, since nothing my orthopedic surgeon did resulted in any improvements in my symptoms.

He is very dedicated and committed to making a difference in peoples lives and I highly recommend him. I am so grateful to him.”
Thank you Dr. G.
MC,  Torrance,CA


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